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"Don't allow someone to rob you of God's best."

Monday, January 11, 2010

Only Four Days In. -- JM

Im Only Four Days In...

I'm only four days in. you ask me how I've been?
Well let me fill you in.
Times a blur
One things for certain
His word holds firm for sure.
Pull back the curtain
My spirit, body and soul,
searching for a cure
Its name is Pure.
I listen,
Inside I'm crying out,
Am I weak?, It's getting deep..
My eyes are dazed
I'm in a confusing maze
Trying to find a way through these hazy days
On that note, I enter my hardest days
I have his attention, yet His enemies are here
Scrambling to find a way and cast me fear
A way to put in their to cents but I'm protected here
Let me repeat, I'm guarded by the Father's fence
The enemy is near and my mouth shall vent
My spirits getting stronger,
My spirit is awakened
Its not much longer, No it's not much longer
4 days, 2 weeks on this quest, its all worth the wait
Don't expect nothing less..
Waiting on his voice, The moment he speaks
Open wide, Let me hear the angels choir sing
Give me a glimpse backstage, enlighten my day
Even if its brief to these mystical things
Ill feel a release, Keep to my feet
even if it takes one more week
Hes in control, This I believe
I'm alive
1990 October 16th,
It is written
Don't drown it out
Rejoice and shout
An overcomer by the word of my testimony,
I take a big leap, spread my wings
Its time for take off, I've Got to fly
Direct my path O mighty Lord, Open my eyes
Lord speak to me, Ive got to see
A glimpse backstage ain't enough for me,
1 ticket to the show please?
I walk in faith, Its clear that I'm free
I know its fate, I must say
I don't want to be late, Got to find my way
Gotta get my key
And soar through Heaven's Gate.

Written By -- Jaden Michaels

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