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"Don't allow someone to rob you of God's best."

Monday, January 18, 2010

Time is Divine -JM

The dice was loaded from the start..
And I bet that you stole his heart
But When you gonna realize its just not time?
and heres where it begins... Don't question why..

He says,
Your Beautiful
Your ready for greatness
All edited and weightless
Never more alive
I can see it in your eyes
And oh dear,
How they'll whisper your name
but who cares about fame?
Who cares what they think?
who are you, and what do you claim?
Let down the walls,
Don't live in the enemy's game
embrace who you are..
He will show you the way.

And every day is a start of something beautiful
One day our love will count for everything..
Until then,
You're a little bit right
More than a little bit right
Watch the last wall collapse
O' How God can make this happen so fast..
Slow down for a minute, Wait
I need to communicate
I know..
It's just you and me
And we break wide
I wake reminded "love"
I wont give up..
But will you hold on?..
Maybe I'm crazy
Maybe it's because..
I just can't get through to what you want.
It's hard to stay still and hold you,
To not break loose and run the taste of you,
I'm aching to believe
Could this really be?
I'm weak when you miss me
When you roll my name on your tongue..
When you whisper me your best moves
I not only trust
I believe you..
I believe in us,
But you don't know me at all
And I don't know you at all.
Im ready to break down that wall,
I want to, And I want to fall..
This time, I'll have no fear
I'll be standing strong and tall my dear
Turn my back towards the enemy cause he's wrong
And if the world decides to catch up with me someday,
Someday.. They can sing along..
I'll spit these thoughts out..
Ill scream out loud
Before they stained me
I lived a lifetime inside of my own shelter,
and a voice told me its time to see outside
But I believed it wasn't easy,
stupidly thought I couldn't just get up and walk away
I had illness hugging me like skin
But the voice was persistent, He wanted me to live
and so I shed it clean until I could taste the oxygen.
I'm ready to embrace this, I'm ready for repair
I had so many layers left by amateur painters who covered over what was there
I stuffed myself sick on the memories and the beautiful messes I made
and I was tired of being inspired only when things slipped away.
Im not listening to the words they say.
They told me time would strip me dry full of lies
They told me time would strip it all and that I'm no better than when I left there the first time
I wont replay "They" I wont cry.
I'm ready to erase this, I'm ready to begin, Im ready to fly
Ive Spent myself trying to change all the beauty that was destroyed within
Then I stopped, and listened in
I am beautiful, I got the whole world in my hands
I am who I am, I walk with him.
And so I prayed one day soon, Love would begin
Just one look, A certain kinda peace
Breathing Out, Feeling a new kind of release..
And then you held me in your arms..
and I felt pretty again
And all that I can see
Is my future in your hands
And all that I can feel
Is how long ever after is
It's all that I can do
Im holding out for exactly what he wants..
Ive had my taste, and Yes I want more
But we run God's pace
And His plans are the steps Im looking for..
and yes Id like to get to know you more..
Im not looking for a race
My spirits jumping, Im stripped to the core
He whispered a melody,
and said, Its just not time
For when Its right Ill shine my light...
You'll be walking in white and looking divine.
Before his eyes
... Ill give him a glimpse of his wife ..

God will confirm the time.
and I remind myself... Just walk in line..
Walk by faith and not by sight.

-JM <3

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